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Gimmal Partners with BA Insight to Provide Intelligent Records Management with the Power of AI

Houston, TX – February 5th, 2019 – Gimmal LLC, the leading provider of records management and content governance software, is pleased to announce its formal partnership with BA Insight. BA Insight provides an AI-driven enterprise search software portfolio that elevates enterprise search deployments through connectivity to other systems and provides an internet-like, personalized, and relevant user experience. This new partnership will allow Gimmal’s advanced records management and content governance software to be joined with an AI-driven search platform that provides a modern search experience throughout numerous content repositories.

“Gimmal has always pushed the status quo when it comes to advancing cross-platform records management technology,” said Chris Caplinger, Chief Technology Officer at Gimmal. “Now, we have paved the way for the next evolution in that technology by utilizing a cross-platform AI search platform that will change the way we think about connecting and discovering information.”

Gimmal provides federated records management software that can manage records and information where it lives across multiple content repositories. This allows organizations to manage, monitor, and track corporate records, or working documents in any content repository, such as file shares, SharePoint, Office 365, email, ERPs and more. With Microsoft Azure technology, this web-based records management software allows users to manage all your content repositories from a single user-friendly dashboard.

BA Insight provides complementary cross-repository technology built upon  a search platform, integrated with Microsoft Cognitive Services, focused on the findability and classification of content throughout the organization. Their powerful search platform allows users to search all sources of information available in Gimmal Records Management and receive personalized and relevant search results by combining records, metadata, and full-text searches into one interface.

“The combination of BA Insight’s AI-driven search software portfolio and Gimmal’s records management technology provides users with a powerful solution to modernize their search and records management implementations,” said Massood Zarrabian, CEO of BA Insight.

Together, Gimmal and BA Insight will help organizations better manage their records and information lifecycle while maximizing findability across numerous content repositories. By utilizing these products together organizations will be able to cut costs and reduce risk while improving productivity and compliance.

About Gimmal

Since 2002, Gimmal has been helping organizations of all sizes implement better information governance and manage content effectively. Gimmal provides a better way to manage information by implementing a new standard for records management that is simpler than ever before. Our software lets you spend time on what really matters: time on creating your next product, delivering better service, recruiting the best team.  We take the time and burden out of managing information so that enterprises and government agencies around the world can focus on improving their business. For more information, please visit

About BA Insight

BA Insight's Software Portfolio makes search intelligent by connecting machine learning, cognitive computing, and enterprise systems to help you power a new generation of intranets and AI-driven search solutions. Our software is easy to implement, use and upgrade, replacing traditional approaches that require customization. As a technology company, we invest heavily in the development of software that enables IT agility, removing infrastructure dependencies and roadblocks from application projects. For more information, please visit

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David Quackenbush to speak at 2020 ARMA GLA Summit

Houston, TX – DECEMBER 3RD, 2019 – Gimmal is pleased to announce that David Quackenbush will be a keynote speaker at the ARMA GLA Summit on January 28th, 2020.  David’s session, Why Automated Information Management is the Answer for GDPR, CCPA and the Future, will analyze the emerging best practices for addressing present and upcoming privacy regulations. 

Gimmal Founder, Michael R. Alsup, Named ARMA Fellow

HOUSTON, TX – October 25, 2019 –ARMA International, the global authority on information management and governance, has inducted seven new professionals into its Company of Fellows.  Gimmal LLC today announced that Mike Alsup, Gimmal’s Founder, has been named as one of those ARMA Fellows.  To qualify for inclusion as a Fellow of ARMA International (FAI), individuals must be ARMA members in good standing for at least 10 years and must have distinguished themselves through outstanding achievements in RIM and contributions to the profession. 

Gimmal Announces Integration with Box’s Leading Cloud Content Management Solution

San Francisco, CA – OCTOBER 3rd, 2019 – Gimmal LLC, A Houston-based provider of information governance and compliance software, is pleased to announce the integration of their platform with Box, a leader in cloud content management. Box enables businesses to seamlessly and securely manage their most critical content in the cloud. As a Box Technology Partner, Gimmal can help organizations by providing an additional layer to govern information within Box and beyond all according to the same rules.