The best decisions are made with the most complete information, and nowhere is this truer than it is for information governance. If you do not have a holistic understanding of your environment’s health, you can’t make optimal decisions about project prioritization or properly calculate risk.

Attend our interactive workshop on August 19th as records and information managers come together and participate in a free virtual health assessment. We’ll walk through a variety of key areas in information management as attendees complete a guided self-assessment. We’ll discuss the aggregated results and advise on some best practices attendees can deploy to solve common challenges.

Attend to:
  • Benchmark your organization’s information management practices
  • Find solutions to common process weaknesses you and others face
  • Learn how a full Maturity Assessment can arm you with the knowledge and tools you need

Sheander Tou

Vice President of Client Success

A long time Gimmal, Sheander brings a career's worth of information management expertise to the table. Sheander excels in defining the trajectory of information governance and compliance solutions and providing customer focused solutions by leading multi-discipline teams utilizing technology as a means (and not an end) to success.

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