Storing SAP related document content in an SAP database is inefficient and costly. Traditional ECM solutions are complex and expensive to store and manage this content. Using Gimmal’s Document Management for SAP with Office 365 in the App model allows you to leverage your Office 365 investment to lower Total Cost of Ownership of a document solution while making this content readily available to the users who need it most.

Attend to learn:

  • How to save on costs from moving SAP related content to Office 365
  • Why it is important to have the right solution to manage your businesses critical SAP content efficiently and effectively
  • Why Gimmal's Document Management for SAP with Office 365 can reduce the time users spend searching for content by making necessary content readily available

Reserve your spot today to learn more on how to improve managing your content with SAP, Gimmal Document Management for SAP, and Office 365!

Join us for a webinar on February 26th when Gimmal Director of Product Development, Nathan Hampson, will discuss how Gimmal Document Management for SAP can effectively reduce total cost of ownership of your document solution.

Nathan Hampson

Director of Product Development, Gimmal

Nathan is the Director of Product Development at Gimmal with a history in our services team, providing a unique, front-line view into concerns facing SAP users.

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