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Automation will continue to be the solution to removing repetitive and mundane work from the desks of corporate personnel.  Automation represents one of the most powerful opportunities to solve the immense information management challenge facing most organizations. Beginning with automating the capture, classification, identification, and patrolling of content to ensure content is compliant with any regulation from PII to HIPAA to GDPR and CCPA. And ending with the constant evaluation of information to determine its value and manage its lifecycle including disposition. However, automation isn’t magic.  There is work to be done to ensure automation represents an efficient and highly reliable method for dealing with the compliance challenges of corporate information.

Reserve your spot today for a webinar on March 31st when Gimmal's Vice Chairman, David Quackenbush, will discuss why automated information management is the answer for GDPR, CCPA, and any additional regulations that come in the future.

David Quackenbush

Vice Chairman, Gimmal

David is Vice Chairman of Gimmal LLC.  He has a successful track record of leading diverse organizations through major transformation and change.  David is a hands-on leader that quickly gains the respect of colleagues and is known for building diverse and high performing teams.  Most recently David has led Gimmal’s transformation from a professional services business to a software led solutions business. 

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