How to Manage Your Total Information Lifecycle with Gimmal

Storing SAP related document content in an SAP database is inefficient and costly. SAP is an isolated repository of content and users are limited when attempting to access the organizations information. You will also find that content stored in SAP falls outside the corporate governance policies and non-SAP users are unable to interact with the SAP driven business processes. These issues can cause immense bottlenecks for organizations to access their information efficiently and effectively.  Using Gimmal’s Document Management for SAP with Office 365, content is seamlessly archived to SharePoint Online. In this webinar we will explore the pain points organizations feel when using SAP, and how Gimmal's Document Management for SAP can help solve them. 

Attend to learn:

  • How to leverage your investment in a modern platform for SAP archiving
  • How SAP and Office 365 users can be involved in common business practices
  • Why Gimmal's Document Management for SAP with Office 365 can reduce the time users spend searching for content by making necessary content readily available

Reserve your spot today to learn more on how to improve managing your content with SAP, Gimmal Document Management for SAP, and Office 365!

Join us for a webinar on December 12th when Gimmal Director of Sales Engineering, Dean Misenhimer, will discuss how Gimmal Document Management for SAP can effectively increase the usability of your document solution.

Dean Misenhimer

Director of Sales Engineering, Gimmal

Dean manages Gimmal's pre-sales organization and helps our clients explore, understand, and make the best use of our software. Dean's extensive experience with our products and within the larger discipline inform his presentations, giving a unique insight into how records managers can respond to the challenges they face.

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