Rethink Records Disposition: Optimize and Streamline the Process

In records management, disposition is defined as the last action taken for a record when it is no longer required or needed by an organization. Depending on an organization’s information governance strategy, disposition processes can vary in complexity and actions taken. A wide array of disposition capabilities can not only optimize the disposition process, but also ensure compliance when completing a record’s lifecycle.

Join us on November 4th as industry expert and Gimmal President and Chief Strategy Officer, Chris Caplinger, demonstrates how the innovative Gimmal Records Management 5.0 fulfills the needs of even the most complex disposition processes.

Join to learn:

  • How to create tailored, secure views of records for users and records managers
  • How to have a unified view of all rejected or expired records
  • How to complete bulk disposition actions on records and cases

Chris Caplinger

President and Chief Strategy Officer, Gimmal LLC

Chris has been serving the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) industry in the creation, delivery, and support of enterprise content management software since 1995. Working as a consultant, software engineer and executive at multiple ECM companies, Chris has experience in delivering quality software products to a rapidly growing and changing industry.

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